Weightjumprope M

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  • Emphasizing shoulder & arm training (heavy handles & weighted rope)
  • Durability (industrial quality components)
  • Secure grip for all hand sizes (taped handles - medium diameter)
  • Fast spinning & controlled handling (double swivel with flexible cable joint)
  • Strong pull (small weights inside hose & thick PU middle-section attached to hose with screws)
  • Optimal rope length (selectable according to body height)


  • Handle: 22 mm x 130 mm steel round bar (0.4 kg) wrapped with bicycle handle bar tape in gray/black, yellow or black (ca. 24 mm)
  • Sleeve bearing: 30 mm vertical + 5 mm sheathed steel cable joint + 12 mm horizontal
  • Rope combination: 11 mm re-enforced PVC hose (incl. 3 metal pins) + 8 mm solid orange PU round belt + 11 mm re-enforced PVC hose (incl. 5 metal pins)
  • Length without handles: from 225 cm (88") to 295 cm (117")
  • Weight: 1.16 kg

Range of use

  • Upper body
  • Many tricks
  • Double-unders
  • Endurance
  • Outdoor/windy conditions)

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