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Single rope suspension trainer with foot cradle
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  • Simple and intuitive suspension trainer for body-weight exercises and stretching for flexibility
  • Many different grips variations & positions possible on long rope
  • Superior functionality regarding rotations (compared to double handles)
  • No complicated switching to "single hand mode" necessary
  • Length easily adaptable by combining anchor loop and carabiner


  • Rope: 25 mm Manila rope for secure grip (M = 120 cm / L = 150 cm)
  • Foot-cradle: 50 mm Nylon-Webbing with 15 mm Nylon bar to keep loop open
  • Accessories: U-Anker, stainless steel carabiner, extra extension loop
  • 2 sizes: M for anchor point ca. 180 - 210 cm high / L for anchor point ca. 210 cm - 240 cm high
  • Weight: ca. 0.75 kg

Range of use

  • Body-weight training
  • Rope climbing
  • Stretching

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