Compact weight vest 7.5 kg / 12 kg
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  • High center of gravity (maximum range of motion for arms and core)
  • Balanced (weight evenly spread on chest & back)
  • Supple weight (filling weights conform to body)
  • Tight-fit (no tottering, handstand push-ups are possible)
  • Breathable (open construction prevents heat accumulation)
  • Durable & low maintenance (can be dropped & is washable)


  • Weight compartment: Fabric re-enforced heavy-duty drainage hose, UV-resistant
  • Lashing system: Tension belt to fasten with knots (no Velcro or buckles)
  • Bolts: M5 stainless steel
  • Weight:
    7,5 kg (Metal chad)
    12 kg (Lead shot)

Range of use

  • Weighted body-weight training
  • Uphill & stair running training
  • Cycling
  • etc.

Bodyload Strap-on

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